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Stickee Double Sided Universal Sucker

BDT:  120.00 BDT:  99.00

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For Order Please Call: 017 9944 1171; 01919 115366, 017 9944 1151; 04475335566

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  • Cash on delivery only in Dhaka city
  • Advance payment applicable for outside of Dhaka City
  • International shipment is also available
  • Design, Color, Dimension may slightly vary form the picture



  • Suitable for Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Keysand Other Audio/Video Small Handheld Devices.
  • With Double Sided Suction Cups That Allows You to Stick Almost Anything to Almost Any Surface.
  • Weighs Less Than 5 Grams and Has the Capability of Holding Over 1 Kg.
  • It Comes With a Lobster Clamp to Attach to Your Keychain and an Earphone Jack to Keep Connected to Your Phone
  • Used on Smooth, Lightly Textured Surfaces. Size and Flexibility Allows You To Slip It In Your Pocket. Colours as per Availability.

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