Expert Laptop Cleaning Liquid

৳  160.00

আপনার ল্যাপটপ অথবা ডেস্কটপ এর মনিটর ক্লিন করতে নিয়ে নিন Expert Cleaning Liquid

বি.দ্রঃ প্যাকেটের পিছনে ব্যবহারবিধি পড়ে সঠিক ভাবে ব্যাবহার করুন।

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The Computer Liquid Crystal Screen Cleaning Set is the essential care package for all navigation units, display screens, monitors, and televisions. Built around Computer Liquid Crystal Screen Cleaning Set gives you the product and tools to maintain LCD, LED, plasma screens in your home, vehicle, and office. The Computer Liquid Crystal Screen Cleaning Set protects your valuable electronic investments so you can enjoy crystal clear viewing.

● Could clean the dust most effectively and completely
● Cleans without scratch and damaging surface.
● Keep the LCD screen bright and clean like new one.
● The brush is used to remove the dust and dirt away
● Comes with a superfine fiber cloth, help to absorb water/moist and dust effectively.
● Anti-static and dust proof.
● LCD screen cleaning: Can be used to clean the TFT Display screen, notebook screen, PDA screen, Printer screen and CD safely. It could be used in safe, and will not hurt the screen, leaves no polishing trails.
● House electronics cleaning: Can be used to clean the Liquid crystal TV, Plasma TV and so on.
● Various kinds of CD cleaning: Can clean all kinds of CD, Polishing CD, VCD and DVD, you should fold the edge of cloth inward and polish it from the central of the CD to the edge, so that no batting or scratched trails will be left.
● Package Included: 1* Bottle of cleaning liquid; 1*Dust brush; 1* piece of fiber cloth.

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