Magic Boost Wireless Magic Speaker Mobile Stand

৳  850.00

Product Code: 2338

নেই কোনো তারের ঝামেলা কিংবা ব্লুটুথ কানেকশন। মোবাইলের স্পিকারটিকে রাখুন এই স্পিকারের সাথে আর উপভোগ করুন গান অথবা সিনেমা। এই স্পিকারটিকে আপনি মোবাইল ষ্ট্যান্ড হিসেবেও ব্যাবহার করতে পারবেন।

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Listen to music the way you want!

✓ No need for bluetooth connection.
✓ No need to connect 3.5
✓ No memory card required.
✓ Just set it to play music.

The latest innovative technology, just place your phone near the sensor area to play music without any connection at all. You can enjoy high quality movies or music extremely convenient and modern.


The product uses rechargeable batteries in the machine or 3A battery, for high durability and usability. Micro USB charging stand, can use battery backup or 5V power from the charger, to provide continuous speakers.

Simple and easy to use, just turn on the switch and place the phone in the sensor area. Also on the speakers are AUX port, easy to connect 3.5mm audio from the phone, laptop to the speaker.



Easy Compatibility:
The product is compatible with all phones with music playback functions on the market. Just put the phone in the speaker position, turn on the power switch is to start using.

* Continuous playback time: 6 hours
* Power: Rechargeable or 3Ax3
* Speaker Output Power: 3W
* SNR: 80dB
* Sensitivity: (voltage induced) 40mv
* Input Power: DC 5V / 500mA
* Charging stand: MICRO USB.

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