Magnetic Gyro Magic Spinning Rainbow Light Effect Wheel Kids Toy

৳  180.00

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Among the most fiery cartoon toys, let the children enjoy the fun while also feeling TA animation toys bring the fun! !

Lying on rails placed on the gyro, gyro so that slide up and down on the rail. Let gyro roll, and up to a certain speed, the gyro will send their colorful glare.

If the gyro flash function is not activated, the need to improve the speed of rotation of the roller, centrifugal force so as to achieve enhanced light start.

Horizontal direction toward the 90-degree swing wheel, when gyro has enough speed, the gyro threw the ground, will be high-speed rotating gyro on the ground, and have a magical colorful lighting effects. You can catch the ground wheel spinning top, and continue its rapid rotation. gyro on the rollers have more fun! !









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