Multi Function Cloth Drying Stand

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প্রায় ৭ কেজি ওজনের এই কাপড় শুকানোর হ্যাগারটি নিচে চাকা রয়েছে, রয়েছে উচত্তা এডজাষ্ট করার ব্যাবস্থা। আপনার ঘরের জায়গা না কমিয়ে আপনার ঘরের ভিতরকার সৌন্দর্য্য বাড়াতে নিয়ে নিন কাপড় শুকানোর এই ষ্ট্যান্ডটি।

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Hence if you are looking for a quality cloth drying stand, you should opt for this Multi Function Cloth Drying Stand, which is designed with the best quality interiors.

Multi Function Cloth Drying Stand is the ultimate laundry solution of your home. With the reduction of space in the modern living spaces, it is difficult to adjust your essential things. Hence this attractive cloth drying stand is designed to cater to all your clothes drying needs without taking up extra space in your household. This multi-function cloth drying stand comes in a beautiful colour combination. It has a dimension of 128 x 58 x 165cm, which weighs 7kg. This stand is made of superior quality steel, which is coated with epoxy and ABS. This superior construction makes this cloth drying stand resistant to rust, moisture and damages. This cloth drying stand is equipped with a fully adjustable shelf height. Hence this stand can be used vertically in a balcony or a room easily rather than expanding the drying space horizontally. This stand provides an easy and hassle free movement with its adjustable premium quality wheels. This product is available in a compact package at the time of its delivery.

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