Sky Stars Projector Clock

৳  699.00

খুব সুন্দর একটি ডিজিতাল টেবিল ঘড়ি। এই ঘড়িতে সময় দেখার পাশাপাশি সাউন্ড শোনা যাবে আর আলো টিকরে বের হবে যা দেবে এক স্বপ্নময় আবেশ।

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  • Cash on delivery only in Dhaka city
  • Advance payment applicable for outside of Dhaka City
  • International shipment is also available
  • Design, Color, Dimension may slightly vary form the picture



  • Display Time, Week, Date, Month, Year and Temperature
  • Thermometer: shift between Centigrade temperature and Fahrenheit temperature (0°C-50°C, 32°F-122°F).
  • Display minute & hour in 12-hour or 24-hour format
  • Chord music/natural sounds alarm.
  • Function of snooze.
  • Function of countdown (timing from 00: 00: 00-23: 59: 59 hours).
  • Four natural sound songs and six chord songs for you to choose.
  • Function of timed music appreciation.
  • Music appreciation mode.
  • Dynamic projection of colored starry sky accompanied with music rhythms.
  • The light color will change with music rhythms
  • Backlight function

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