Xiaomi MI QTER01JY Hybrid Earphone

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Main Features:

* XIAOMI Hybrid Earphone: hybrid technology is the combination of one driver and dynamic two-way balanced armature (BA) drivers
* The balanced armature will be handling on high frequency audio while dynamic driver wants to handle the low frequency audio THUS providing a more 3D surround effect
* The microphone has high SNR 58dB (A), better noise cancellation Which indicate you have a better call quality will
* This earphone is made up from Kevlar material a synthetic fiber of high tensile strength used as a reinforcing agent Especially
* Just like other Mi Earphones, you are provided 3 sizes XS, S and L ear bud
* The earphones secure sound with ultra low distortion, accurate mid and crystal-clear high note
* The secret weapon of this hybrid earphone is Luca Bignardi the audio engineer, he had nominated for the Latin Grammy and won Grammy and Latin Grammy Awards



* Product Name: XIAOMI QTER01JY
* Style: In-Ear
* Color: Metallic Silver
* Cable length : 1.25m
* Remote on earphone: Yes
* Material: Threaded copper-wire
* Speaker Impedance: 32Ω
* Sensitivity: 101dB
* Output: 3.5mm jack-out
* Rated power : 5mw
* Compliance standards: GB / T 14471-2013
* Frequency: 20-20,000Hz
* Weight: 14g

Package include
* 1 x Earphone with XIAOMI hybrid 3 Size Ears buds (XS, S, L)


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